The Manila Visa Office has recently been made aware of visa fraud information scams being run for nurses seeking employment in Australia. If you have information regarding suspected immigration fraud please contact the Manila Visa Office by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  See: Migration Fraud youtube video 


The Maritime Crew Visa (MCV), subclass ZM988 visa scam

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship is warning people of a scam involving the maritime crew visa (MCV).

Unscrupulous operators are charging people large sums of money (the equivalent of several thousand Australian dollars), to allegedly arrange an employment contract and visa for employment on maritime vessels travelling to or working in Australia.

Some MCV visas are automatically granted online. These agents lure gullible clients by showing them what appears to be valid visas on the departmental website. However, where these visas are obtained based on fraudulent claims these are subject to cancellation. These visas allow entry to Australia as a legitimate crew member on a vessel by sea only. An MCV does not permit travel by air to Australia. A separate visa is required for that purpose.

The Australian Embassy is unable to verify employment offers from Australian companies. Job-seekers are strongly advised to verify all job offers using publicly available contact details for the relevant companies. Information on applying for Australian visas is available on the websites


General Information

It is an offence under Australian immigration law to provide false documents or make misleading statements in a visa application.

In such cases, applications may be refused and visas may be cancelled. In addition, the persons involved may be barred by law from being granted a visa for one to three years. In some cases they may be permanently excluded from Australia.

To ensure the best possible client service, we strongly recommend that applicants obtain information and assistance regarding visa applications from either the Visa Office, our service provider PIASI or preferred migration agents.

When applying for a visa to Australia applicants should be aware of the following:

- If you are involved with migration fraud in any way your ability to apply to travel to Australia will be affected.

- Ensure that all of the documentation that you provide with your application is genuine.

- You are strongly advised not to listen to people who tell you that they can ‘arrange’ a visa for a sum of money.

- There are known scams operating over the Internet and in newspapers offering employment or study in Australia. These are commonly offered by businesses claiming to be ‘migration agents’. When dealing with any agent or business offering such services please ensure that you verify any offers of employment or study.

 - You should also verify that the agent is applying lawfully to the Australian Government BEFORE you make any payments or arrangements. If in doubt, contact the Visa Office.

 - Please ensure that you obtain an official receipt for any money you pay for a visa or visa-related services.

While all efforts will be made to assist whenever possible, neither the Australian Government nor the Visa Office in Manila is responsible and cannot be held accountable for any loss related to such scams.

For further information regarding the management of Australia’s borders please consult the following link: Australia's Borders




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