There are guidelines on departure formalities for all international bound Philippine nationals.

For tourists travelling abroad you will need to provide the following:

- valid passport, valid visa and a return ticket.

See: Bureau of Immigration (BI)

See: Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO)

See: Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA)

After you have been approved an Australian Visa (all nationalities)

The Visa Approval (Grant) Letter
You are strongly advised to take the visa approval (grant) letter to the airport on the intended date of departure to facilitate the check-in process.
You should keep the visa approval (grant) letter with your passport when you travel to and from Australia. Save it in a safe place when you are not travelling.

Please note that the visas have been granted on the basis of the information provided in support of this application. If incorrect information or documents have been provided with the application and that information has not been corrected, it may lead to cancellation of the visas at a later stage.

The visa grant number is linked to the passport numbers that were provided in the application. If you obtain a new passport after receiving this letter and before the visa expires, they will need to contact the nearest Immigration office in Australia or overseas to advise the Department of the new passport details.

Please note: If the Department is not provided with the details of any new passports issued to visa holders, they may experience significant delays at the airport and may be denied permission to travel.

Living in Australia
The Living in Australia web page ( contains information and publications about life in Australia, and links to government settlement services including help learning English. These web pages also provide information about Australian values and the cultural diversity of Australia's people.