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Duration and Format:

The Academic Reading Module takes 60 minutes. There are 40 questions, based on three
reading passages with a total of 2,000 to 2,750 words. Texts and questions appear on a
Question Paper which candidates can write on but not remove from the test room. All
answers must be entered on an Answer Sheet during the 60-minute test. No extra time is
allowed to transfer answers.

Task Types:

A variety of questions are used, chosen from the following types:

• Multiple choice

• short-answer questions

• sentence completion

• notes/summary/diagram/flow-chart/table completion

• labelling a diagram

• classification

• matching

• choosing suitable paragraph headings from a list

• identification of writer’s views/claims – yes, no or not given

• identification of information in the text – true, false or not given

Texts and Topics: 

Texts are taken from magazines, journals, books, and newspapers. They have been written
for a non-specialist audience. All the topics are of general interest. They deal with issues
which are interesting, recognisably appropriate and accessible to candidates entering
undergraduate or postgraduate courses or seeking professional registration. At least one
text contains detailed logical argument. If texts contain technical terms, then a simple
glossary is provided.

Marking and Assessment:

One mark is awarded for each correct answer in the 40 item test. A confidential band score
conversion table is produced for each version of the Academic Reading Module which
translates scores out of 40 into the IELTS nine-band scale. Scores are reported as a whole
band or a half band. Care should be taken when writing answers on the Answer Sheet as
poor spelling and grammar are penalised.

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