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    Student Visa

    Study and WorkStudent Visa College Australian Visa Consultants

    A Student Visa allows you to study and undertake some part-time work (up to 40 hours per fortnight whilst your course is in session) in Australia. If your spouse/partner is accompanying you then they will also be granted work right entitlements with similar restrictions. Student visas are designed to for applicants who wish to further their education and employment prospects with an Australian qualification.

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    Partner Visa

    The Australian partner visa program allows you to join your loved one in Australia, whether you are engaged, married, live-in partner (de facto) or in a same-sex relationship.

    Eligible dependent family members can also be included. It’s a two-stage visa process, where you are required to hold a temporary partner visa (1st stage) for two years and after two years the permanent visa (2nd stage) will be granted, providing you are still in a genuine and continuing relationship with your partner/sponsor. If you want to discuss your plans and eligibility then complete our enquiry form on the right or call us to speak to our Registered Migration Consultant.

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    Fiance Visa
    Marriage Visa
    De Facto Visa
    Same Sex Visa
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    Skilled Migrants

    All visas under this stream (except for the 489 Provisional) are permanent visas. Australia’s productivity constraints have lead to significant skill shortages across many occupations.

    Check out the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL) to see if your occupation is in demand. If you find your occupation on one of the lists then take our Free Online Visa Assessment and we’ll give you a thumbs up or thumbs down.

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    Independent Migration
    Family Skilled
    State Government
    Employer Sponsorship
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    Employer Sponsorship

    Tourist Visa

    Postcard Australian Visa Consultants

    If you’re considering visiting us down under for a vacation, to visit family or undertake a short business trip, then the Tourist Visa is the way to go.

    Obviously if you’re from a low-risk country, you wouldn’t engage any representative instead your travel agent would arrange the visa for you; however, if you are from a high-risk country (e.g. Asia, Africa etc) then the requirements and process is a little trickier. For a one-on-one consultation call us or drop us a message through Skype or Facebook.

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  • Family Visas Tab

    Family Visas

    These are non-skilled family visas, meaning they do not require English tests, Skills Assessments or Qualifications.

    The Carer Visa is if you have a family member in Australia who has a mental or physical disability that requires full-time care. The last remaining relative is if you’re the only remaining family member in your country (no siblings, parents or equivalent in-laws – if married). Parent Visa is for parents but the wait time is around 13 years and can push out to 20. The Contributory Parent is also for parents, the only different is the wait time is around 12 months but the cost is around $40,000 to $50,000. There are several strategies one can pursue to minimise costs and timeframes. If you want to discuss your plans then give us a call or drop us a line.

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    Carer Visa
    Remaining Relative
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    457 Visa

    457 VisaWorkforce

    One of the most widely used visas in the migration program. This is temporary working visa for employers who require a skilled worker promptly.

    The requirements are relatively low for the employee but for the employer the process has become rather complicated over the last few years with legislation and government policy changes. It is also a popular pathway for applicants who don’t meet the ‘direct entry’ requirements for one of the Skilled Visas, as they can sit on the 457 for two years and potentially upgrade to a permanent visa.

    Whether you're an employer who would like to hand-ball the headache and workload or an employee that needs assistance and direction then you speak to one of our team members today.

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IELTS Assistance

IELTS is a mandatory requirement for most Australian Visas.

Click the link below to show a list of IELTS Review Centers near you.

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